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Why Mentors Matter When It Comes to Success

Every wildly successful person will advise that they reached their pinnacles not just from hard work, but because there was someone there to guide them along the way. The person is generally another accomplished pro who shared his or her wisdom. Around the Ultimate Marketing office, we consider mentors to be treasured resources when it comes to our career advancement.

Every person here at Ultimate Marketing started out at the entry level, like our incoming team members. When they first joined our firm, they were paired with coaches, our seasoned pros, who know exactly what it takes to rise higher, plus lessons from their own learning curves. As they progressed, these individuals became leaders and coaches themselves for the next round of hires who came on board.

Bottom line, we’re gun-ho for mentoring because it’s what drives Ultimate Marketing’s success. We encourage our people not only to look to others in our company who have experience, but to reach out to industry leaders and other entrepreneurs who can offer salient advice and feedback that will help them grow.

There are some rules with mentorship. One, you need to solidify your own vision and goals first, so you’ll know in what direction you’re headed. Second, you need to be open to feedback that will help you grow. Finally, you should always bring something to the table, whether it’s skills or connections.

Mentorships are a great way to move up to the next level. Like us on Facebook for more tips on career advancement and building success.