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Want to Be a More Effective Public Speaker? Rehearse

To deliver an effective presentation, we need to be on top of our games. In our Ultimate Marketing business model, good public speaking skills are necessary to take on the competition. The best speakers understand that to be effective, they need to rehearse. Here are two advantages to recording oneself:

• Practice All Parts: As we note in our Ultimate Marketing training, rehearsals can force us to practice our presentation from start to finish. Interestingly enough, those who practice all their speeches are more polished in real life compared to those who only review certain elements of a presentation. They develop comfort with the material and can focus on other aspects such as nonverbal cues.

• Fix Mistakes: In our Ultimate Marketing office, we encourage our people to view mistakes and failure as lessons to be learned. By rehearsing a presentation well in advance of a live audience delivery, we can pinpoint what gestures we might want to change, our posture, even the intonation in our voice which can signify nervousness or confidence. In fact, rehearsals can give us room to work on our content and visualize audience response, thus allowing us to incorporate more impactful messages that may make a profound difference.

We strive to be good at presenting material to others. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin