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PRESS RELEASE: Ultimate Marketing Takes R&R Trip to Mexico

WOODBRIDGE, VA – Ultimate Marketing’s Partner detailed a recent R&R trip to Mexico enjoyed by the firm’s top performers. He also outlined the ways in which recognition and office contests bolster the company’s culture.

Members of Team Ultimate Marketing enjoy various types of travel incentives. From educational conferences to exotic retreats, the firm’s event managers expand their horizons in meaningful ways. A recent R&R trip to Mexico reflected the company’s commitment to rewarding team getaways. “This all-expenses-paid retreat was attended by select top performers from our team,” stated Jerry S., the company’s Partner. “It was a great chance to relax and reflect on our continuing success.”

Cody, Frank, Heider, Orlando, Wanita, Mateen, Grace, and Faith were the event managers chosen for the Mexico trip. Their family members were also able to attend, which made the jaunt even more rewarding. Jerry added, “Those who qualified for the R&R getaway were winners in various office contests, including the Easter egg hunt and a big raffle. They’ve also proven themselves by crushing their ambitious goals in recent weeks.”

During the trip, team members enjoyed a wide range of activities. Jerry remarked, “We rented a 90-foot yacht complete with breakfast, lunch, an open bar, and a DJ to keep us dancing. We also had the chance to visit a private beach, along with snorkeling, diving off the boat, paddle boarding, and kayaking. I predict we’ll be talking about this trip around the Ultimate Marketing office for a long time to come.”

Ultimate Marketing’s Partner on the Team-Building Value of Competition and Recognition

Various forms of recognition help Ultimate Marketing leaders maintain a winning team culture. Sometimes verbal praise in front of the entire group is all it takes to show how much a person’s efforts are appreciated. Travel incentives such as the Mexico retreat also serve as powerful ways to value team members’ contributions. Jerry commented, “Everyone knows when these kinds of getaways are up for grabs, so they become coveted rewards throughout our team. It’s a real badge of honor to be chosen for such a trip.”

Office competitions also play key roles in the company’s recognition efforts. The firm’s Partner stated, “Every contest brings out the best in our event managers. They inspire each other to go beyond expectations, strengthening our supportive culture in the process. When the competition is over, everyone on our team is even more motivated to elevate their games and earn the next big travel incentive.”

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