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Ultimate Marketing, LLC: The Science of Impressions

Just like associates at Ultimate Marketing, LLC, you make judgments about the people you meet. You look for clues about their characters and mood, and everyone is making these same judgments about you. Something in the way you present yourself may trigger a strong response that, even if they cannot clearly point to why, creates a lasting impression. Here are a few scientific findings for making a positive impact:

• Eye Contact: Strong, but not overbearing, eye contact indicates openness and interest. It is also a sign of self-confidence. Just be careful not to stare or come across in an aggressive fashion.

• Handshake: A firm handshake conveys confidence. Your handshake should also be warm because a cold hand is seen as indicating a cold personality. Keep it dry as well, because a sweaty or clammy palm indicates nervousness.

• Tone of Voice: A confident tone of voice is low and dynamic instead of singsong. Associates at Ultimate Marketing, LLC work to cultivate attractive and confident speech, and we recommend that you do the same.

• Posture: Having an open posture, meaning chin up, arms down, and back straight, signals competence and friendliness.

You have to work diligently to overcome a negative first impression. It’s far easier to practice a few key behaviors and make a good impression every time. Ultimate Marketing, LLC associates know that the way you approach someone can make a significant difference in the outcome of the conversation.