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Ultimate Marketing, LLC on Realistic Goal Setting

It’s human nature to want everything done yesterday, but it’s also not realistic. Ultimate Marketing, LLC leaders work with associates to help them set achievable goals with realistic timeframes. Sure, you might want your promotion tomorrow, but you are probably not ready and there is no open position. Instead, you need to think about when a position is likely to open up and what you can do in the meantime to make yourself the most attractive candidate.

Once you have set your realistic goal, the next thing to consider is the development of attainable action steps. Then you can recognize what the next thing you need to do is to move forward. Doing this will also let you know whether your goal is too vague (simply noting that you want to make more money is not as helpful as saying you want to earn $1000 monthly, for instance). Instead of being too broad, make your goal specific and write down the plan of action that will get you there.

In other words, determine the position you want and consider why you think you would be an ideal candidate for it. The next step is to talk to your manager or other mentors about what additional skill set you need to advance, and then brainstorm ways to acquire it. We at Ultimate Marketing, LLC suggest that you put a complete-by date next to each activity in your plan so you’ll know whether you’re on target. If you find it is not possible to complete all the activities by the end date, change your plan to make it a little more realistic.

Do not forget to review your plan periodically and see how far you have progressed. Positive reinforcement helps keep you motivated. Ultimate Marketing, LLC associates hope you use these suggestions to implement successful goal setting.