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Ultimate Marketing, LLC. on What Motivates Fundraising

Everyone knows that charitable giving is a good thing, but they may not realize why people do it. What do you think motivates fundraising and other philanthropic efforts? This was a big question at the Ultimate Marketing, LLC. headquarters, so we sought some answers. Here is what we discovered:

A Particular Charity Grabs Attention:
There are certain causes that resonate with certain people. For instance, a person who has lost a loved one to breast cancer may be motivated to join the battle against it. Similarly, an individual who is an animal lover may enjoy volunteering at his or her local animal shelter.

Someone Offers
Inspiration: Sometimes the motivation comes from a specific person. Maybe an admired celebrity champions a cause, such as environmental protection, and gets his or her fans on board as well.

It Feels Good
As our Ultimate Marketing, LLC. team can attest, volunteering and fundraising simply feels good. Knowing we made a difference somehow is quite rewarding, and it boosts morale and performance as a result.

It Offers a New Experience
Many fundraisers are tied to exciting events, such as skydiving or mountain biking. This type of giving gives people opportunities to try new things while raising awareness and support for good causes.

Our people at Ultimate Marketing, LLC. think these are all great reasons to give back. What drives you to do so?