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Ultimate Marketing, LLC. Gets People Involved

People organize and participate in fundraisers for a number of valid reasons. They want to raise awareness of certain social issues, for instance. They also want to generate as much financial support for those causes as possible. Staying abreast of the latest research on this topic is a regular practice at Ultimate Marketing, LLC., and we were excited to read about the latest study from JustGiving.

The research consisted of a 101-question survey. Roughly 25 percent of the participants reported the belief that raising money in memory of a person is important. More than 70 percent of them engaged in fundraising in the previous three years. Those who didn’t do so preferred to donate directly to nonprofits. We at Ultimate Marketing, LLC. think it’s important to point out that a few of the respondents thought fundraising was too public. About 20 percent didn’t think they could fundraise effectively.

These findings reinforced our belief that there’s no one reason that people raise money for charitable purposes. There are some pretty big factors, though. Ninety percent of the study’s participants were inspired by the mission of the charity at hand. Nearly 80 percent trusted that the nonprofits would be responsible with the money.

These new insights will greatly inform our work at Ultimate Marketing, LLC., and we look forward to the further analysis of these findings.