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How Ultimate Marketing, LLC Describes Likeability

It’s not easy to feel sure of yourself when meeting new people, and the pressure to make a good impression is compounded by the knowledge that the initial meeting largely determines the course the relationship will take. At Ultimate Marketing, LLC, we use an array of strategies to feel more confident and earn the warm regards of others. We recommend the following steps:

• Use Touch to Your Advantage: You surely understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch, so there’s no need for us to explain that here. Instead, we want to focus on the power of touch. A gentle squeeze of the shoulder, for instance, communicates support and encouragement. It literally helps you connect.

• Be Genuine and Curious: It’s a scientific fact that people enjoy talking about themselves. It’s up to you to get them going, so ask lots of open-ended questions and nod along to their responses in order to convey your interest. Our Ultimate Marketing, LLC team assures you that you need not say much to be remembered in a positive light.

• Close Carefully: When it’s time to wind down the conversation, be sure to end it on a strong note. Simply saying it was a pleasure to meet someone isn’t enough. Shake hands again, smile, and hint at a follow-up meeting.

Apply these tips from Ultimate Marketing, LLC, and people will perceive you as more likeable in no time.