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Ultimate Marketing, LLC. Covers Fundraising Essentials

Ultimate Marketing, LLC. Covers Fundraising Essentials

Every fundraising effort makes a difference – it’s the Ultimate Marketing, LLC. mantra. Every penny matters, and we know how to make a big impact with the funds we generate. If you aspire to do the same, we invite you to follow these guidelines:

Communicate With the Charity
Don’t initiate any fundraising until you’ve connected with the leader of the organization you’d like to support. You will receive valuable advice, and possibly even some materials containing information about the cause.

Follow the Rules
Be sure to raise money ethically. Our practices at Ultimate Marketing, LLC. are guided by The Institute of Fundraising. It’s a helpful resource that helps social change makers handle funds effectively.

Consider the Options
There are plenty of ways to raise money for a good cause. There are sponsored events, such as marathons and candy sales, as well as online sponsorship options like JustGiving. You can also find information on events at the charity’s webpages, or even organize your own event.

Get Creative
If the standard fundraising options don’t inspire you, don’t feel discouraged. There are lots of other ways to give, if you get creative. Your employer may agree to a giving scheme, for example, or use search engines and websites that donate with every search or every click.

Heed this advice from Ultimate Marketing, LLC. to make your next fundraising project a success!