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PRESS RELEASE: Ultimate Marketing, LLC Attends Inspiring Conference

WOODBRIDGE, CA – The Director of Operations at Ultimate Marketing, LLC detailed a conference his team attended in Texas. He also discussed how team travel events accelerate professional development and overall success.

“Our entire team recently headed to Texas for a company conference,” stated Jerry S., the Director of Operations at Ultimate Marketing, LLC. “It was a nationwide event that featured an address from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He spoke about the impact the D.A.R.E. America mission makes across the country.” Team members returned to the home office more motivated than ever to make a difference through their work.

The Director continued, “The theme of the conference was Let Their Voices Be Heard, and there were representatives from all over the world sharing their experiences and the impacts they’ve made on young people’s lives. There were also programs on how to break down goals into short- and long-term pursuits and how to grow professionally even after reaching a leadership role.”

Networking may have been the best part of the conference. Team members returned to the Ultimate Marketing, LLC office with an array of helpful new contacts. Jerry remarked, “Our associates were able to pick the brains of industry leaders and discuss best practices for lasting success. I know our people are ready to implement the insights they gained throughout the conference. I’m excited to watch them put their new knowledge to productive use.”

Ultimate Marketing, LLC’s Director on the Wide-Ranging Benefits of Business Travel

Along with adding new contacts and sharpening professional knowledge, there are other benefits to be gained from traveling as a team. The Director noted, “We try to experience everything a new place has to offer when we venture out to represent Ultimate Marketing, LLC at a big event. That includes great local restaurants, parks, and museums, among other attractions. Getting away from our daily routines and comfort zones helps us advance our education, both personally and professionally.”

Collaboration also gets a boost from team trips, mostly because people get to learn more about each other on a deeper level. “We all have personality traits and unique skills that may not be expressed around the workplace,” Jerry added. “When we hit the road together, we get to see these things come to the surface. Especially when things don’t quite go according to plan, we find out new and interesting things about each other. The fact that we build our adaptability is just icing on the cake.”

About Ultimate Marketing, LLC
Ultimate Marketing, LLC. rallies the support of socially-conscious individuals to benefit the community through nonprofit organizations that equip America’s youth with the tools and information they need to make smart and healthy life choices. The team’s on-site outreach campaigns are the channels they use to grab the attention of people and get them talking! The firm’s work furthers the movement for social good to make the greatest possible impact on the community, and to secure the outcome of our tomorrow. With every new audience the team captivates, they empower more young people to build safer and healthier lives. Find out more about this work at ultimatemarketingllc.com