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Two Important Training Meetings

Representatives from Ultimate Marketing, LLC recently attended two training meetings in Los Angeles. Ronald, Mateen, Jason, Haider, and Juanita went on this rewarding travel opportunity. Jerry S., our Director of Operations, explained, “Business isn’t just a two-step process of learning a job and doing it. You evolve over time into different roles as you build your skills. Job duties advance along with those skills, so that’s what makes training meetings like these so important.”

The first of the two training events was called Development and Junior Partner Meeting. Its major focal points were back-end administrative processes including recruiting, interviewing, and paperwork. This part of the training also touched on team member discussions and how to approach them.

For the second part of this training trip, which was called the Event Managers Meeting, our people learned how to develop other members of the team. Coaching and team-building exercises were key elements of the meeting. Jerry hopes they will become parts of the Ultimate Marketing, LLC development strategy.

Our Director remarked, “The natural ability to teach isn’t there for each and every person. With that in mind, I hope these training meetings will help our associates apply what they learned to teach others how to maintain success.”

These training events have put our associates on the career development fast track. For more on our commitment to constant growth, check out the Ultimate Marketing, LLC Newswire.