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Why Throwing a Party Is Network Magic

Plenty of networking events are centered on social activities, like cocktail receptions. In our Ultimate Marketing, LLC brainstorming sessions, we have discussed practices to help us grow our networks effectively. One of those ideas is to host a party that brings our network together and helps others grow theirs as well:

• Be Creative: While dinner parties or cocktails tend to be attractive opportunities for people to attend, not everyone’s budget can accommodate an evening event. As we have considered in our Ultimate Marketing, LLC office, networking can take place over coffee, brunch, or even a casual picnic. As long as there is food and fellowship so that people can bond, the right mix is there for a successful networking function.

• Seed the Event With People We Know: One tip we find quite useful is to invite some people to attend who have a flair for being social and on whom we can depend to start lively conversations. Ask these individuals in advance to keep an eye out for outliers who might not know others.

• Mingle and Mix: We’re all about engagement in the Ultimate Marketing, LLC office. As hosts, we need to be conscious of whether our guests are participating and having a positive experience. We should make notes beforehand on who to introduce to each other to help bring people together.

What’s your idea of a great networking event?