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Science-Backed Behaviors for Effective Speeches

We’re always working to get better at delivering speeches around the Ultimate Marketing LLC office. Through our efforts to improve as presenters, we’ve learned that the following behaviors have been proven to leave strong impressions on audiences.

Leaving people wanting more is one science-backed technique we’ve been using more often in our speeches. We use cliffhangers at strategic points in our remarks, making listeners wait for resolutions. This makes it more likely that our main points will resonate and that we’ll be remembered in a positive light by those who heard us speak.

We’ve also found that properly channeling our nervous energy during presentations is a great way to capture and hold people’s attention. Any time we feel anxiety bubbling up right before or even during a speech, we use that excess energy to push across our major points. This helps us show more enthusiasm for our topics, which translates into more positive reactions from listeners.

Image-based language helps engage audience members during our Ultimate Marketing LLC speeches. We use vibrant words to paint pictures for listeners, using hand gestures to amplify what we want people to understand. A picture is worth a thousand words, so we know our messages will make greater impact if we effectively share a vision.

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