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Public Speaking Practices That Build Success

OK, we get it. Public speaking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But truth be told, anyone who wants to excel in the business world, whether or not they’re in a position that requires meeting with the public, can benefit from brushing up on this important skill set. In fact, our Ultimate Marketing training program dives deep into this area as we push both presentation and networking skills as ones our team members should master.

Why is public speaking so important? For starters, it’s more than just learning how to project in front of a larger audience. Our Ultimate Marketing model is based on peer-to-peer solutions, so many of the practices that apply to a big group can translate to one-on-one discussions as well.

First and foremost, whenever we’re presenting, we need to consider the audience, whether it’s one person or 100. It’s all about what matters to them. So, the best strategy is always to learn as much as we can about other people in advance, their needs, and how we can meet them. This way, we can tailor our message accordingly.

Listening to what others say and observing nonverbal cues are equally vital practices that can ensure your message is well-received. Even with a crowd, you can pick up on signals that indicate whether or not they are receptive, such as eye contact, facial expressions, and posture.

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