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PRESS RELEASE: Ultimate Marketing Rapid Advancement Leads to Promotion

WOODBRIDGE, VA – The management of Ultimate Marketing announced that Mateen has been promoted to partner within the company. He will be opening his own office in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“It’s so rewarding to see one of our team members take advantage of what our firm offers in terms of professional development opportunities, and advance to this level,” said Jerry S., Ultimate Marketing’s Partner. “Mateen has limitless potential and I know his office will be very successful.”

As Jerry noted, Mateen’s promotion within Ultimate Marketing reflects his determination to excel in this industry. “He has a calm demeanor about himself,” Jerry said. “This is the right type of personality needed to raise awareness for causes that keep our youth safe. He worked well with the change agents we represent, providing them with exceptional service and results as an event manager. He knows what it takes to succeed in business and become an entrepreneur.”

Jerry highlighted Mateen’s leadership qualities that led to his promotion. “He is very hands-on,” said Jerry. “Mateen likes to coach and teach others. He has the right attitude to help build a successful team. His passion for helping others realize their objectives will be paramount to his next adventures as a partner.”

Ultimate Marketing Partner Describes the Firm’s Advancement Program

Team members in the Ultimate Marketing office are hired based on their career ambitions, not simply to fill jobs. “We have a very progressive program,” Jerry said. “From the minute our people join our company, they are on a trajectory toward meeting their professional goals.”

“Everyone starts from the ground floor,” explained Jerry. “From there, our coaches guide them through the various business skills and practices they need to support movements for healthier communities.”

As team members master skills and complete milestones, they advance to higher roles. “Each promotion is a chance for our people to put leadership skills to work and add on new responsibilities,” he said. “As they become more familiar with management practices, they start to work with their own teams.”

Eventually, like Mateen, these team members will become partners who run their own offices. “The best part is our people can grow at their own pace, since promotions are based on merit, not seniority,” Jerry added.

“When someone like Mateen takes full advantage of the professional development plan, we’re happy not only for him, but everyone who helped him grow,” Jerry concluded. “This is what makes our firm successful.”

About Ultimate Marketing LLC

Ultimate Marketing, LLC. rallies the support of socially-conscious individuals to benefit the community through nonprofit organizations that equip America’s youth with the tools and information they need to make smart and healthy life choices. The team’s on-site outreach campaigns are the channels they use to grab the attention of people and get them talking! The firm’s work furthers the movement for social good to make the greatest possible impact on the community, and to secure the outcome of our tomorrow. With every new audience the team captivates, they empower more young people to build safer and healthier lives. Find out more about this work at ultimatemarketingllc.com