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PRESS RELEASE: Ultimate Marketing Celebrates 2017 Accomplishments

WOODBRIDGE, VA – Ultimate Marketing’s management recently took time to reflect on the firm’s accomplishments over the past year and the impact the team has created for change agents they support. The managers highlighted what is upcoming for 2018.

“To say this year was a good year would be an understatement,” said Jerry S., an Ultimate Marketing Partner. “We exceeded many goals as we raised awareness for causes that keep youth safe and off the streets. In fact, we were the number one office in the nation for 2017. This is a testament to our hard-working team and their passion for doing good.”

As Jerry noted, this banner year meant growth for Ultimate Marketing as a firm and for individuals on the team. “We had two major expansions into different regions this year,” he explained. “First, we opened new markets in the Atlanta, Georgia area, as well as expanding our operations into Maryland. We’re excited to provide support to nonprofits in those regions so that they can make a difference in communities like our partners in Virginia have done.”

These expansions offered opportunities for team members to grow as well. “Ron was recently promoted to Partner and he’s running his own office now,” Jerry explained. “We’ve also promoted many individuals into development managers this year.”

“It’s been satisfying to see the success our team members have had in 2017,” Jerry continued. “For example, each time one of our associates reaches a milestone, they ring the bell. This year, Juanita hit her 200th bell, which is a production record.”

Travel has been a big part of the firm’s recognition this year. “We had a chance to travel to West Palm Beach to see Tony Robbins as a reward for being the number one office,” Jerry exclaimed. “We also attended the international Inspiring Conference with business partners from around the world.”

Ultimate Marketing’s Partner Discusses Goals for 2018

Jerry indicated that for 2018, Ultimate Marketing’s team intends to build on the momentum they’ve attained this year. “Once you get into a growth pattern, it’s like a snowball,” said Jerry. “We plan to keep rolling it with SMART goals and diligent work.”

“As with every year, we’ve set our goals for 2018 so that they raise the bar on our current success,” he added. “Each year, we have to surpass the previous year’s work. We’ll monitor our progress throughout so that we can make real-time adjustments to our initiatives.”

Jerry concluded, “We’re in the business of helping change agents create healthier communities. It’s the most rewarding work we can imagine. This year, we moved the needle forward. Next year, we’ll go even further. We can’t wait!”

About Ultimate Marketing LLC

Ultimate Marketing, LLC. rallies the support of socially-conscious individuals to benefit the community through nonprofit organizations that equip America’s youth with the tools and information they need to make smart and healthy life choices. The team’s on-site outreach campaigns are the channels they use to grab the attention of people and get them talking! The firm’s work furthers the movement for social good to make the greatest possible impact on the community, and to secure the outcome of our tomorrow. With every new audience the team captivates, they empower more young people to build safer and healthier lives. Find out more about this work at ultimatemarketingllc.com