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No Experience Necessary for Lasting Success

We’re in the midst of a hiring push here at Ultimate Marketing, thanks to the success of our event-based outreach campaigns. Jerry S., our firm’s Partner, explained, “We’re looking for energetic people, including recent college grads who are ready for new challenges and primed to start building rewarding careers.”

One of the best things about joining Team Ultimate Marketing is the immersive training program we offer. New additions to our firm receive hands-on education in a wide variety of professional areas. “We equip people for success by exposing them to every part of our process,” Jerry stated. “By the time they complete our initial training program, our event managers are prepared to handle just about any exciting challenge our industry can offer.”

Education doesn’t end with the first few weeks of training. Jerry continued, “We provide ongoing training to ensure that everyone on our team is up to speed with emerging outreach techniques. Our continuing education efforts also focus on essentials such as communication skills, networking, and management basics.”

With this extensive approach to training, it doesn’t take much in the way of experience to thrive with our firm. “Honest feedback helps our new team members quickly find their ways,” Jerry remarked. “We make it easy for our people to build on their unique strengths as they learn the ropes of event-based outreach.”

We’re ready to find the right talent to build our team. Follow Ultimate Marketing on Facebook to receive updates on our hiring push.