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Networking Advice From Ultimate Marketing, LLC

Ultimate Marketing, LLC’s leaders tell new associates that networking is crucial to career growth. For one thing, a well-developed circle of business contacts can be a boundless source of opportunities. It’s also a fount of information and other new links to people who can help you do your current job more effectively.

Putting yourself out there at industry events or during other networking opportunities isn’t an easy thing, however – especially to the uninitiated. Executives at Ultimate Marketing, LLC encourage our people to take these steps:

• Courage: This is the big one. You really just have to take that first step. Walk up to someone and introduce yourself.

• Listen: Take a sincere interest in the person you’ve approached. Learn about them and their needs and goals. There’ll be plenty of time to share about yourself as the relationship develops.

• Genuineness: Rehearsing and preparation is fine, but once you’re in a conversation, let that work fall into the background and just be yourself.

• Connection: If you’ve heeded the advice above, chances are that you have just earned a valuable new contact. Follow up on promises made and keep in touch as often as appropriate.

At Ultimate Marketing, LLC, we actively promote networking because it benefits our people and company, as well as the people they meet and with whom they form lasting bonds. Use these tips for your career benefit.