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Nervous About Speaking? Try This to Own the Room

Here’s a fact: not many people are naturals at public speaking, and they tend to be more anxious than confident when it’s their turn to present. This is why in the Ultimate Marketing training program we address not only best practices for presentations, but how to manage any anxiety that our people might face. Here are a few tips we find boost our confidence and quell our nerves when we present before audiences of any size:

• Own Anxiety: While this might sound odd, one of the tips we can try is to accept that we’re anxious because we are conscientious about doing a good job. In our Ultimate Marketing coaching program, we provide our people with a supportive environment to practice and learn so that they’re less nervous. At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge why we are nervous.

• Engage the Audience: For many presenters, once they connect with the audience, they begin to feel more confident. With our Ultimate Marketing presentation model, we focus on engaging people by asking questions to better understand their needs. As we see them respond to our message, it motivates us more.

• Take a Breath: Before a presentation, one best practice is to regulate our breathing. This not only calms us down, but it also helps set the pace for our speech.

What do you do to achieve a sense of calm and approach presentations with greater confidence? To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin