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Mateen Gets Promoted to Development Manager

We put our people in position to reach their professional goals here at Ultimate Marketing, LLC headquarters. Mateen is the latest example, having been promoted from event manager to development manager. Jerry S., our Director of Operations, explained, “Mateen will go from managing his own events to training his team members with their events.”

Mateen will be managing more people and their responsibilities rather than just his own, which Jerry believes is a perfect fit. He explained, “Mateen’s work ethic is impressive. That, combined with his ownership mentality, will take him far in his business career. I think he’s an ideal candidate to become a top-flight leader in the Ultimate Marketing, LLC office.”

In his new role, Mateen will be responsible for developing new additions to our team. He’ll also run impact meetings as well as morning check-ins to monitor progress on current projects. In addition to all this, Mateen will also be learning more about the interview process as he settles into the new position.

Jerry continued, “My goals for Mateen are to develop his management skills and have him take on even more duties around the office. His positivity will take him far in our industry, and we’re all excited to watch him keep reaching new heights of success.”

Mateen is a true asset to our company. Learn more about him and our other top performers by checking out the Ultimate Marketing, LLC Facebook.