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Learning, Networking at the LEAD Carnival

July 12 was a big day for Team Ultimate Marketing, as we attended the LEAD Carnival. These events are great ways for us to work with our partner and add to our contact lists. The fact that we also get to help make a positive impact in our community along the way makes it even better. We’re already looking forward to the next carnival.

Getting together with the top performers in our industry is always an inspiring experience. We learn so much about what’s working well in other markets. When we come back to the Ultimate Marketing office after an event like this one, there’s a real energy in the air. We can’t wait to apply the insights we’ve gained to streamline our methods and achieve bigger wins.

The LEAD Carnival is also a major networking opportunity for us. We have plenty in common with the people who attend these gatherings, so it’s typically pretty easy to spark a productive conversation. Being around likeminded people who also happen to be great sources of career advice is inspiring to say the least. We love reaching out to our new contacts after events to keep the good vibes going.

It’s always rewarding to spend time with top performers and influential leaders from our industry. Follow Ultimate Marketing on Instagram to see content from all our team travel events.