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How We Interview at Ultimate Marketing, LLC

When seeking new Ultimate Marketing, LLC associates, our leaders follow most of the standard practices for interviewing potential new hires. We, of course, want to make sure that the candidate is qualified for the role she will fill and that she will be a good fit with our existing team, in terms of ability, skill, and personality.

One area we like to focus on, however, is gaining an understanding of how a potential new associate handles failure. Executives at Ultimate Marketing, LLC know full well that people are sometimes going to make mistakes and fail to reach their goals. It’s natural. How that person handles the situation is the real key to whether they will fit in with the culture of progress we have cultivated.

When someone is interviewing with Ultimate Marketing, LLC, our representatives ask that person to tell us about a time they failed to meet a deadline or hit a target. The answer tells us a lot about them. We look for people who are capable of recognizing failure, evaluating how critical it was, learning from past mistakes, and figuring out how to prevent them in the future.

The goal here is to recruit new team members who aren’t terrified of making mistakes, and we also want them to accept responsibility without shame and be motivated to work hard to avoid similar situations down the road.