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Giving Back Brings Talented Professionals to Us

Corporate social responsibility is more than just buzzwords to us. We routinely take part in community service and charitable events because we honestly believe that Ultimate Marketing, LLC can do more than make a profit – it can make a difference.

There are benefits beyond what we do for our community as well. Sharp professionals – especially millennials – are drawn to Ultimate Marketing, LLC careers because they hear about our commitment to giving back.

Members of Gen Y have a desire to be part of something bigger than themselves, and we’ve capitalized on it by changing how we recruit. For example, when we discuss openings at our firm, we go beyond skill sets and experience. We focus on Ultimate Marketing, LLC values, company goals, and causes we support. This way, we attract men and women who already share those qualities with us.

We back this up by integrating generosity into our business model. We provide opportunities for our associates to give on their own time, and Ultimate Marketing, LLC sponsors events as well. Not only does organizing a 5K or food drive make a difference, but it allows team members to use their skills in new and exciting ways.

Then, we make sure to talk up the nonprofits we support on our social media feeds. This gets the word out about worthy causes and lets socially conscious professionals know where they can find a career with giveback opportunities.

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