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Being Genuine: The Secret to Higher EQ

IQ plays an important role in the pursuit of success, but there is no shortage of research indicating that emotional intelligence (EQ) is even more useful. EQ refers to the ability to connect on a personal level with others, especially as it relates to the management of emotion. Through the Ultimate Marketing, LLC training program, we learn that the first step to stronger EQ is to be genuine.

One study from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business found that people aren’t simply interested in EQ at face value. They don’t want to engage with individuals who merely act emotionally intelligent. They want to engage with individuals who truly are emotionally intelligent. Authenticity is a core Ultimate Marketing, LLC value for a reason.

As we commit to being genuine, we first determine who we are and what we want. We get in touch with our values and set goals for ourselves – not for what anyone else expects of us. Working toward our own advancement does not mean we’re unconcerned with others, however. We’re happy to help our friends, loved ones, and colleagues move forward. The idea is to be generous without passing judgment. It’s a matter of respect – another Ultimate Marketing, LLC value.

Authenticity is a sign of EQ, and EQ will lead you to success. Like us on Facebook to find out how else we achieve ambitious goals.