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From Our Family to Yours – Happy Holidays!

December really is the most wonderful time of the year, and no matter which (or how many) holidays you’re observing Team Ultimate Marketing wishes you tidings of comfort and joy. Our team is gearing up to throw fun and creative parties that reflect the diversity of our beliefs, plus we have winter giveback events that we’ve been looking forward to all year.

This has been a great 12 months for us, as our mission to build awareness for causes that keep youths safe and off the streets has reached new target markets. We’re in the mood to honor that, knowing that our peer-to-peer marketing approach has made a huge impact in the lives of people all across Virginia.

On top of this, we’ve gotten involved with several charities and nonprofits to address needs on a local and global scale. Collecting school supplies, backing toy drives, and raising money for worthy causes were all ways we went above and beyond this year. Helping LEAD & SFTS America is our business, but philanthropy is an Ultimate Marketing team passion, so when we have a chance to give, we take it.

We have much to be grateful for this holiday season, including this very special group of colleagues that feels much more like a family than a firm. Follow Ultimate Marketing on Newswire to see how you can be part of a team that puts people first and focuses on positive change.