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Expressing Our Company Values Through Philanthropy

For Team Ultimate Marketing, getting involved with nonprofits and foundations is more than just a nice gesture. For us, giving back is an extension of our values.

We value leadership, and philanthropy allows us the chance to set an example in our community. This is especially true when we’re able to donate that most valuable of resources to a worthy cause – our time. When we get personally involved in a fundraiser or charity event, we see the results of our efforts more closely. Often during the process, our lives are changed at least a little bit for the better as well. We feel this is a model that other businesses can and should follow. The world would be a better place if all companies identified ways to make a difference.

Also, when we decide as a group what causes to support, we always look to meet needs that resonate with us. This gives us a chance to share our personal experiences with those who might benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained in our lives. Sometimes this will be our peer-to-peer marketing expertise, other times it might be the understanding we’ve gained from watching a friend or loved one struggle through a similar issue. By showing compassion – another Ultimate Marketing value – we help make the world a kinder place for those who might need some reassurance.

Giving back to the community is our duty and pleasure. Learn more about our philanthropy program at our Ultimate Marketing Newswire feed.