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Congrats to Shaneika on Her Promotion to Junior Partner

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Ultimate Marketing culture. By showing our appreciation for our event managers’ commitment to the firm’s mission and values, we encourage even greater effort while creating a more engaged and satisfied team.

This month, we wanted to use this blog to congratulate Shaneika on her promotion to junior partner. She’s worked hard for this honor, and fulfilled all her qualifications for advancement. She is a talented interviewer and trainer who has shown tremendous personal and professional growth. With the help of her personality and leadership skills, our team has truly thrived. What’s more, her creativity in making team building fun and productive is second to none.

Team Ultimate Marketing knows that success leaves clues, and this is true of the way Shaneika has excelled in her career journey. For example, she is a woman of integrity, and leads by example. She knows that others look to her for a standard of behavior, and she does not let us down.

Also, Shaneika always brings good energy and a positive attitude to the office. Nothing seems to get her down, and her positivity is an inspiration to other event managers. She is both well-liked and respected by her peers.

Congratulations on your promotion Shaneika – we know there are many more achievements waiting for you. To see who earns a promotion next, like Ultimate Marketing on Facebook.