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Confidence: It’s What You Need to Get Promoted

There’s one quality that stands out from the rest when it comes to promotions: confidence. In our Ultimate Marketing coaching model, we discuss why people who are more confident tend to excel in the business world. It’s true that hiring managers seek people who see themselves as strong individuals capable of anything. Here are some best practices that can help us project a sense of self-assuredness:

• List Accomplishments: It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come when we’re moving forward at a fast pace. Therefore, one practice we can apply is to list our accomplishments each week. As we noted in our Ultimate Marketing training, when we have a visual log of what we are capable of achieving, it motivates us to do more.

• Own Your Success: While it’s good to share credit with others, it’s important to take credit for our accomplishments as well. In our Ultimate Marketing culture, we make recognition an important part of our work environment. We encourage our people to take a bow for what they’ve achieved.

• Position Yourself as a Star: Too often people downplay their roles in achievements, especially in a collaborate environment. Instead of playing a supporting role in completing a task or project, we should instead retell the story with an emphasis on the value we add.

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