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Celebrating Team Member Jason P.

When people are motivated, they can accomplish great things. In our Ultimate Marketing office, we see this can-do spirit take hold quite frequently as our team members work to achieve success and help build awareness for powerful causes. One of those people is Jason P., who not long ago was promoted to development manager.

In his short time with Ultimate Marketing, Jason has been a driving force in our team’s ability to achieve results. His hard work is evident in all that he does for our company, which makes him an outstanding role model for everyone in our office. Jerry cites that behind his career success is his desire to support his lovely wife Amanda and their three beautiful children.

Jerry’s excellent work ethic and attitude have earned him some impressive recognition. This past year, he was one of four people from Ultimate Marketing to travel to California to participate in the March Madness event. This reward brought people from many regions together to enjoy college hoops as well as fun times on the California coast.

This wasn’t Jerry’s only trip to the Golden State. He also traveled to Los Angeles for a top event manager meeting, where he was able to network with influential business leaders. In addition, he joined our Partner, Jerry, as well as team member Harmony and other important leaders as they headed to West Palm Beach, Florida to attend a speaking engagement featuring Tony Robbins, one of today’s most respected and inspiring leaders.

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