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Brandon Gets Some Well-Deserved Recognition

Recognizing our top Ultimate Marketing performers is something we take seriously, and Brandon is the most recent individual to receive the spotlight. Jerry S., our firm’s Partner, noted that Brandon made it to the top four in this year’s Summer Super Bowl, where he went up against 64 top event managers from across the country. He’ll also be going to Texas to compete against three other offices while representing the Alexandria location.

Brandon brings a few essential qualities to the table, one of which is accountability. Not only does he hold himself to high standards; Brandon also makes himself available to help his teammates reach their own ambitious goals. Being accountable in such a productive way is a big reason Brandon has set himself apart from his peers.

Another behavior that helps Brandon maintain his success is challenging himself and others to think. He’s committed to constant improvement, which is a hallmark of our Ultimate Marketing culture. Beyond that, Brandon also helps his colleagues add to their knowledge and skill sets whenever possible.

Brandon is adept at measuring his progress as well. He celebrates small milestones on the path to major success, setting a great example for the rest of our team in the process.

We’re excited to watch Brandon continue building his career. Like Ultimate Marketing on Facebookfor more on our top performers.