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Team-Building Tips Ultimate Marketing, LLC. Recommends

If you want your associates to help you reach ambitious goals, team-building is nonnegotiable. Although the strategies you employ must be specific to the needs and dynamics of your group, we at Ultimate Marketing, LLC. know that certain methods work in just about every context. Here are some insights from accomplished leaders, which we hope you will keep in mind.


Puzzle Social’s Jeb Balise emphasizes the importance of a common mission. He states, “When starting out make sure your team or new hires share the same North Star – a main objective of the company that unifies the team. For us it’s ‘we want to get as many people to solve a crossword puzzle each day as possible.’ Because everyone on the team is going for that one goal it allows us to make decisions more quickly and only spend time on things that will help us get to that goal.”


Open and honest communication is a core value at Ultimate Marketing, LLC. Steven Young, Grubhub’s vice president of growth and marketing, also embraces this principle. According to him, ““Whenever I have to hire new individuals to my team, I often treat the exercise as if I am integrating a new family member (adoptee, pet) into an established familial ecosystem. It’s important that all current team members understand the need for new talent, how it will enhance and improve their work, but also elevate the overall team’s output. This creates less fear and territoriality amongst team members.”


Our Ultimate Marketing, LLC. team hopes you will put these insights to good use. You can find more at http://ultimatemkting.com/about/.