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Juanita: Team Player, High Achiever

With such a dynamic group of professionals, there are no limits to the success Ultimate Marketing, LLC can reach. Our leaders are highly appreciative of our hard work, so they publicly express their appreciation on a regular basis. One of our colleagues, Juanita, is the latest recipient of their praise.

Juanita recently hit what we call her 100th bell. Hitting these goals mean she has been extremely consistent every day – and it takes lots of dedication to reach a goal daily! According to Jerry S., Partner for Ultimate Marketing, LLC, “Her mentality is that she is going to hit her goal no matter what. She is going to do what it takes to make it happen.”

Jerry added, “She is a huge team player and helps others reach their objectives. My hope for Juanita moving forward is that she will advance in her training and development role.” The following skills – taught during the Ultimate Marketing, LLC training program – propel Juanita’s momentum:

  • Networking: Opportunity and growth result from networking. We attend many events throughout the year. They include conferences, retreats, and community gatherings. Every function is a chance to meet new people and strengthen existing relationships. These connections lead to mentorships, referrals, and all sorts of resources.
  • Problem-Solving: Dwelling on problems does not yield forward progress. Focusing on solutions does. Our leaders challenge us to identify and think through options, stretch our abilities, and learn from our experiences.

With strong leadership and a culture of possibility, Juanita and the rest of us are poised to flourish. Check out our Newswire to stay in the know.