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Great Job Running the Office, Ronald!

There are some universal signs we recognize at Ultimate Marketing, LLC which indicate that someone is good at what they do. When you’re excited about going to work, and time passes quickly while you’re there, for instance, chances are good you’re enjoying yourself – a sure sign that you’re putting in the time and effort to shine.

Another way to know who’s crushing it is by noticing who’s willing and able to take on more responsibility, and it is for this trait that we’d like to recognize our colleague Ronald. While Jerry, Ultimate Marketing, LLC’s Director, was away, Ronald stepped up and ran the office. Any responsibility that would ordinarily be Jerry’s to perform, Ronald did it. He ran meetings, wrote all the schedules, and organized all our promotional events.

When Jerry returned, he shared his enthusiasm for Ronald’s performance. “Ronald did a really impressive job! We were even the number one office in the nation the week he was leading things,” shared Jerry.

Ronald is a perfect example of what happens when an ambitious professional gets hold of the Ultimate Marketing, LLC training program. We immerse our people into different teams and locations, exposing them to our unique business model from many different angles. It helps them gain the skills and confidence they need to excel.

Our team members are constantly striving to outdo themselves, which makes recognition a frequent event around the Ultimate Marketing, LLC office. Follow us on Twitter to see who we recognize next.