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How Communication Skills Demonstrate Leadership Ability

Around the Ultimate Marketing, LLC office, we agree that strong communication skills are key leadership traits. The words that a person uses and how he or she uses them provides the listener with insight into that person’s mind-set, character, and even their innate sense of right and wrong.
These tell-tale phrases help us identify potential leaders in our midst:

• “I’ll Have to Get Back to You on That.”: We take what we say seriously at Ultimate Marketing, LLC, which means we confirm answers before giving them out. When we aren’t sure about the truth of a response, we admit it – and then we immediately begin tracking down the correct info.

• “Here’s the Reason We Do it That Way.”: We appreciate working with intelligent, rational professionals who want to know why their work matters. Knowing the why behind processes and procedures encourages engagement.

• “I Think That’s a Great Idea!”: Encouragement is key for those who wish to lead others. When an authority figure recognizes a team member for creativity, it shows their ability to give credit where it’s due.

• “Yes.”: When the research is done and a path forward is clear, why says, “Maybe.”? One of the ways we demonstrate our reliability is not dragging a decision out longer than necessary.

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